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Eric is shown hacking into an interview and then walking away smiling as various bad things show up on the screen. The next morning he is dead in his apartment, seemingly from asphyxiation. All signs point to his radiator being the killer, but Henry investigates when a mark on his forehead resembles an eyebrow stud.

The come into contact with Liz, who quickly runs away from them, almost causing a crash. She contacts Henry and informs him she knows his secret and he has to give her a death certificate to keep her quiet. Henry implies he is giving it to her, but rips it up in her presence.

She then leaves the antique store and is knocked down, but by whom? At the hospital, henry realizes it is Irene who is the killer. With Liz flatlining, Irene warns him not to save her or she will reveal that he only appeared six years ago. Henry refuses and saves Liz.

Irene kills herself.

Liz hacks Henry's files and adds in more information and says he was at Harvard to make his story more credible.

Henry comes face to face with Nora for the first time since she committed him to the asylum.

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Forever Season 1 Episode 17 Quotes

That's faceless. They're called hackers. They are probably watching us as we speak.


It's the future of murder. Killing someone with a key stroke.