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Abraham and Henry have dinner at the beginning of Forever Season 1 Episode 19. Henry informs Abraham that Jo is dating and Abraham insinuates that it's time for Henry to put himself back out there. 

Isaac and Jo go to a concert at The Trash Bar, a punk club older than CBGB's. Isaac owns the club and is planning to tear it down in order to build his newest hotel. The guitarist for the punk band slams his guitar into the wall behind the stage revealing a mummified corpse hidden in the space between.

Henry and Lucas begin to examine the body at the lab when Jo gets a phone call on their phone. The man on the other end of the line is the man who was convicted of killing the woman whose body they found.

Eddie Warsaw, lead singer of the Buzzcracks, an 80s punk band, is the man behind bars. Lt. Reece worked the case of his girlfriend's disappearance as a beat cop and always suspected the force and DA's office could have been more thorough going after their conviction. She wants to make sure they have the right guy behind bars now that they've found a body.

Eddie confirms that the body they found is that of Lucy. While Eddie talks about how much he loved Lucy and what her disappearance did to him, Henry remembers a time when Abigail disappeared. She was 64. It was 1985. She left him a letter asking for time to be alone and after several months hadn't returned. The cops suspected she didn't want to be found.

Henry and Lucas discover the original cause of death was incorrectly assumed to be Eddie's guitar just as he is upstairs signing a new plea deal which would release him from jail and keep the case out of the papers. Eddie refuses to sign his name to a lie, opting instead to give them 48 hours to find out who killed his girlfriend.

Abraham cautions Henry to make sure he's looking at the case of Eddie and Lucy and not the case of Henry and Abigail as he works to solve this mystery. 

Jo discovers drug money hidden in Lucy's jacket. Hanson comes in with a pictorial history of the Trash Bar, with slight photographic evidence of his once being in a band called the Craniacs, and Henry suggests they track down the author and photographer of the book for insight. The photographer says "Eddie was nuts" and proceeds to identify a man named Frankie Farrell. Reece says he's off limits for their investigation since there are so many open cases on him but holds Henry back to let him know the NYPD doesn't govern the medical examiner's office.

Henry invites Lucas to go with him to a club so they can try to get a strand of Farrell's hair for a DNA match. When they spot Farrell, they realize he's gone bald, either on purpose or due to age. Henry gets caught trying to steal a set of shot glasses and tells Farrell he's there investigating the murder of Lucy Templeton.

Isaac and Jo go on another date and he tells her the story of his rise to riches. He witnessed his brother's murder when he was 10 and made himself a promise to get out of the neighborhood and make something of himself as soon as he could. He reveals he did his homework on Jo Martinez and knows about her husband's death. 

Jo gets a call from Lucas in the middle of her date telling her that he and Henry are at Farrell's club and they're in trouble. Henry is escorted out of the bar but re-enters when Lucas tries to follow him out. He finds the girl from Farrell's VIP area and swabs her ear for Farrell's DNA just as the bouncer locates him and tosses him out again. Before the bouncer can beat Henry up, Jo pulls up and stops him.

Hanson and Jo bring Farrell in after Henry confirms the DNA match. Farrell says he willingly gave Lucy the $9000 when she told him she wanted to turn her life around. He points the detectives toward Eddie's bandmates who saw Lucy as the thing keeping them from fame and fortune.

They find one bandmate who isn't in jail or dead and track him down to New Jersey. Some of the marks on Lucy's body match a bracelet he wore as a punk. He confirms the marks are his but says he only hid the body. Eddie killed her. He provides Eddie's knife, covered in Lucy's blood, as proof that Eddie killed his girlfriend.

Abe finds Henry in his office obsessing over the details of Lucy Templeton's murder and remembers pulling Henry back from the brink of ruin following Abigail's disappearance.That time, Abe took all of Henry's files and threw them out. Henry visits Eddie in jail to get more details about the night of Lucy's death.

Henry once again believes Eddie's version of events and sets about reconstructing Lucy's skull to look at wound patterns. He and Lucas realize Eddie's knife couldn't have been the murder weapon. Henry and Jo go into The Trash Bar to examine the room where Lucy died. Henry finds a blood-stained fingerprint behind one of the wall's many posters.

Henry and Jo tell Reece that Eddie is innocent and she tells them it's too late. Eddie signed a plea deal which freed him from jail. Later, Jo asks Henry if his preoccupation with this case is personal and he dodges her question. Lucas comes in with Lucy's tox screen and they discover that she disappeared before she died because she was pregnant. 

They learn that Lucy's murderer was the author and photographer of the Trash Bar history and arrest him just as Eddie shows up with a gun. Henry uses the information about Eddie's son to try and diffuse the situation. Later, Eddie realizes he has nowhere to go and Henry suggests he visit his son.

Jo visits Isaac after closing the case and takes him to a karaoke bar with the gang where Hanson serenades them all. At home, Abraham finds Henry staring at an image of two doves. The picture reminds him of Abigail. Once Henry goes to bed, Abe visits a storage unit where he's kept all of Henry's investigation into Abigail's disappearance.

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Forever Season 1 Episode 19 Quotes

They say memories make us who we are, that the past defines us. But we can't forget to grow, evolve, because sometimes a memory can be so powerful that we get stuck in it, frozen in a moment.


Reece: I want you to take your time and--
Hanson: Be thorough?
Reece: I was going to say bring Henry. Same thing.