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A foot is found at a ballet class.

Henry is examining the gun Adam left him.

Abe is looking for Abigail, but the woman on the other end of the phone says she can't help.

Henry notices he is up to something and confronts him.

Jo is having dinner with her new Isaac. He is trying to talk her into going away with him.

They are interrupted by Jo's phone.

She meets Henry.

Henry comments that the ballerina is Latin. 

They haven't found the rest of the body.

Ava is from one of the worst slums in Nevada. She is about to become the first-ever prima ballerina of Mexican descent.

Lucas and Henry are observing the foot.

Flashback to Henry in Paris in 1929.

Henry is at one of Valeries' parties. Valerie takes drugs and ODs, but Henry saves her.

Abe goes to see Lucas for help, but Lucas makes a joke.

Lucas claims he can't help because he can't keep secrets from Henry.

Ava was carrying pepper spray in her bag. Half empty. Had a stalker.

In the car they find some blood.

The murder victim might still be alive.

Ava was replacing Odessa. Odessa was upset.

Odessa has the Russian mob behind her.

The Russian mob pay for Odessa's expenses and take a portion of her earnings.

Ava is found and still alive.

Dimitri could be the killer! He was sleeping with Ava.

Ava can't remember what happened. She remembers waking up in the trunk, but that's really it.

Javier was a battlefield surgeon.

Javier tries to run off, but accidentally kills himself jumping from a roof.

Isaac is taking Jo to Paris.

Ava forced Javier to cut her foot off.

Javier gave her injections for her bone condition.

Ava done it all for fame.

The NYPD can't arrest Ava.

Valerie died in 1929.




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Forever Season 1 Episode 20 Quotes

Henry: I need to see the body.
Hanson: There's going to be a bit of a problem with that.We haven't found it yet.

The best thing to do in Paris, is get lost.