Missing While a Pawn - Found Season 1 Episode 4
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Gabi refuses to do an assignment, and Sir becomes furious. He withholds dinner.

Gabi finds a note from someone called Annie hidden in a book. Sir also abducted her.

The team spends time together at Zeke's.

M&A takes a missing person's case. A couple going through a messy divorce lost their son, and they can't spend time in the same room without screaming at each other.

Dhan and Gabi visit the church where the boy was last seen, thinking the kid is in danger.

Trent gets into the case against Gabi's wishes.

Sir antagonizes Gabi about the missing child and Annie.

Margaret talks to Matthew's father and learns he was friends with kids from a support group for divorced dads.

Dhan and Trent interview witnesses and clash over methodology.

Gabi and Margaret interview some kids and learn that Matthew hated the church his mother forced him to go to.

Sir admits to having kidnapped a girl named Annie before Gabi.

The team finds Matthew's gaming device and starts tracking his online footprint to find people he has communicated with.

Andrea has a mild heart attack. The doctor advises she doesn't participate in Matthew's search.

Dhan and Zeke find a lead.

Matthew's parents pray for his safe return.

The team interrogates Xavier, and he admits to having seen Matthew at his events.

Lacey thinks Gabi is lying about Sir.

Sir makes a breakthrough in the case. They think Tony was party to Matthew's kidnapping.

The team finds both boys, but the trafficker shoots Tony.

Tony falls into a comma, and his father is furious with Gabi.

Gabi goes home and loses it.

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Found Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Lacey: Gabi lied to me today about Sir. And I have no idea why.
Dhan: It's been a long day, Lacey. Whatever it is, let it go. Everybody has their secrets.

Edwards: You said you would protect him
Gabi: Mr Edwards, I tried...
Edwards: You sacrificed my boy for another. Now, you're here to clear your conscience. You're no better than any of those people you attack on the news. You cherry-pick who was worthy of being saved. You're no hero. And now, Tony's in a coma. Stay the hell away from my son.