Missing While Indigenous - Found
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Daybreak finds Gabi and Mark up. Mark talks about what being a cop means to him, and he can’t think of himself doing anything else.

Teen Gabi makes an escape attempt.

A new client seeks M&A’s help in finding her daughter Denae, an indigenous woman who went missing while pregnant. Her mother suspects her boyfriend had something to do with it because he has been asking her about money.

Charlie was in an accident, and the team questions him. He appears intoxicated and works as a bartender. He also thinks something happened to Danae.

The team learns from Denae’s doctor that her pregnancy is a risky one, and if she delivers without proper medical experts, she and her baby might die.

Sir questions Gabi about the mystery man she’s been hanging out with.

From Denae’s coworker, Gabi and Margaret learn that Denae plans to move to the reservation permanently and has quit her job as a teacher. She had been fighting with Charlie because of his drinking.

The team questions Charlie again, who is surprised that Denae was going back to the reservation when she hated the place because she had an issue with someone.

Sir is mad about Gabi and the mystery man he calls heavy boots.

Gabi, Trent, and Lacey head to Virginia to Denae’s reservation and find her abandoned car with some blood. They mount a search with the reservation police for Denae.

Zeke struggles with feelings of uselessness, but Margaret encourages him. They learn something from the voicemail.

The team clashes with Denae’s brother, Kai. He is controlling.

Lacey struggles with being in the same state Sir held them.

Gabi and Lacey learn that Kai’s wife, Ada, is a midwife. She was the last person to see Denae from surveillance footage.

Sir becomes restless, throws away his food, and destroys the CCTV camera.

Sir recaptures Teen Gabi and drugs her. He warns her against escaping again, or he’ll kill her and make sure she’s never found.

Gabi figures out where Denae might be. She and Dhan find Denae, but her baby is missing.

Margaret visits Denae’s doctor to ask for help but finds him trying to run away. She finds Denae’s baby in the doctor’s house.

Gabi learns that Sir has been spotted near her house.

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Found Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Gabi: What the hell happened?
Mark: It’s Sir. There’s been a credible sighting near your house.

You’ve always been clear about who you are and the lines you’re willing to cross to save a life. I used to be. But lately, I’ve been blurring my own lines. … You know, I can’t remember when my morning didn’t start at the precinct. Even as a kid, my dad brought me in just like his dad did with him and his dad before him. Being a cop is who I am. Fighting on the right side that’s just that’s in my blood. I don’t know who I am without the badge.