Missing While Homeless - Found
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Gabi races home and finds Sir locked and sleeping in the basement.

Trent arrives and talks to Gabi about the Sir sighting. He says Sir has been spotted near her for the past 20 years. He's been following her around.

Teen Gabi refuses to let Sir keep a stray cat.

Dhan learns of a missing person from a homeless encampment and asks Gabi to take it.

Gabi confronts Sir about the sighting and thinks he wants to be with her.

The team interviews Mack, a woman who was quite familiar with Sampson, the missing person. The last she saw of him was when he helped her after a sexual predator attacked her.

The team visits the encampment, and they find the predator.

Gabi and Margaret think something is missing from the Sampson case.

Lacey comes over to spend the night at Gabi's.

Sir tries to decipher the meaning of Sampson's tattoos and thinks Sampson killed his son.

Sir tricks Gabi into admitting that she loves and needs him.

Gabi admits to Lacey that she is scared.

Sampson posts a new video and says he is thinking of ending his life.

Zeke notices something weird happening in Gabi's house where he can spot the heat signatures of several people, but Gabi says it's cops.

The team learns that Sampson had money he planned on setting Mack up with.

The team tells their stories of when they considered suicide and where they wanted to do it.

Gabi and Dhan convince Sampson that his family's death was not his fault after they find him.

They reunite him and Mack.

Lacey leaves Gabi's and talks to Zeke about her feelings of insecurity.

Sir admits he hates Bella for changing Gabi and destroying his "family." He threatens to kill Lacey if Gabi lets him go or turns him in.

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Found Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Sir: What was her new name now, Lacey?
Gabi: I will take your life if you…
Sir: You don't get to make the threats anymore. I've evaded the police for 20 years; they can't catch me. So, here's a promise: if you ever end us, if you ever let me go, or if you ever tried to turn me in, the first thing I'll do is end Lacey's life. That's a promise.

The locks on the basement door are there to help me feel safe at night. If there was one thing I hoped you learn from being a part of M&A, it is that we don't judge each other for how we cope.