Missing While Scamming - Found Season 1 Episode 9
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Gabi has a nightmare in which Trent arrests her for kidnapping Sir. Sir grabs Lacey and rushes to hurt her.

Gabi wakes up coughing and writes a confession.

Gabi sees Sir in the basement, and he's also coughing. He apologizes for threatening to kill Lacey.

Sir remembers his childhood when his mother brought men to the house and left raising her youngest to Hugh.

A publication bestows praise on Gabi.

New clients arrive, and a man wants his influencer wife found since she's been kidnapped. The kidnapper wants $2 million.

Margaret flips when a therapist suggests she give up the bus station.

The team investigates Melissa's home and realizes she presented a fake image of her wealth to marriage.

Gabi negotiates with the kidnapper, and he agrees to lower the ransom.

Trent's boss asks to be brought into the Melissa case in exchange for giving Trent his job back. Gabi refuses to involve the police.

The team learns that Melissa was in a poly relationship.

The exchange goes awry when Trent calls the cops, and the kidnapper runs.

Lacey tells Gabi she will be taking a leave of absence from M&A.

Sir's fever worsens. He keeps remembering his Mother and how she treated him.

The team thinks they might be getting scammed.

DCPD takes over the case and kicks M&A off it.

Sir remembers when a neighbor offered him food after being starved by his Mother.

Margaret thinks the kidnapper is Melissa's assistant. When Gabi shows up at the drop, she finds Marco and Gloria.

Melissa dies of asphyxiation.

The police pans M&A to the press and public because of Melissa's death.

Margaret returns to the therapist.

Gabi asks Lacey not to leave. She asks Gabi about the basement, and he tells her something profound.

Gabi lights a candle and places Melissa's picture on a wall with other people who have died.

Hugh argues with his Mother.

Gabi burns the confession letter.

Lacey calls and says Tony is awake.

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Found Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

We used to be close. There was a time that I could read you better than anyone, and now there's just this wall and half-truths.


Mark: Mosley & Associates and its fearless leader, former kidnapping victim Gabby Moseley, and her diverse crew of specialists have dedicated themselves to finding those who others won't.
Dhan: With a 96% success rate and their classified funding sources.
Lacey: Shoutout to Zeke and his trust fund.