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-Janie's fiance Nathan asks Peter to represent him in court. He was arrested for solicitation at his bachelor party.

-Nathan swears he's innocent. He was at the hotel pool when the hooker arrived. Unfortunately, a bellman saw him down there, with another woman.

-That woman, Lauren, is Nathan's assistant. He called her for a ride home. He didn't want to tell Janie because he was talking to Lauren about having second thoughts about the wedding.

-Peter gets Nathan cleared of the charges. After hearing Janie talk about why she wants to marry Nathan, Peter tells him he shouldn't let Janie go.

-Emily, a teacher from Jared's alma mater hires him to represent her. She was fired for sleeping with Chris, a student. 

-Chris picked her up in a bar over the summer. She assumed he was at least 21. She didn't know he was 18 until she walked into class two weeks later.

-Jared makes the school board believe that a board member may have slept with Chris as well. They back down for fear that the bad publicity will scare off a large donation.

-Infeld admits in an interview that Karp would be a success even without his family connections, thus helping Karp's chances for future judicial appointment.

Franklin & Bash
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Franklin & Bash Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Someone's hot for teacher.


Nathan: I was arrested for solicitation.
Peter: You mean busted with a hooker.