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-Franklin and Bash defend their friend Robbie who was charged with resisting arrest at a costume beach party. He didn't believe the beautiful Officer Whitney was really a cop.

-Franklin proves that Robbie's costume and sunscreen helped free him from Whitney's hold and they win the case. Later Peter and Whitney make plans for a date.

-The firm offers Franklin and Bash partnership in the firm but two thirds of the partners must agree.  Damian votes against it but Hanna is the swing vote and they're in.  But later, Hanna tells Damian to keep track of their behavior as the firm has a morals clause for partners.

-Pacific Shores Beverage sues a restaurant for using one of their brews. The owner's father signed away his rights to it 30 years ago in a contest with Pacific Shores. 

-The owner counter sues saying the contract was invalid but loses. Pacific Shores wants to sue for past profits and damages which would put the restaurant out of business. Franklin and Bash hate the idea but go forward with the suit for their client. Later, they are able to talk the client out of it and drop the suit.

-Carmen helps Pindar track the start of his phobias to college when he became obsessed with a girl named Megan. Now that Franklin and Bash are partners, they can put Carmen and Pindar on the firm's insurance plan and Pindar can get treatment.

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Franklin & Bash Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

We love going to court. We've seen In Justice For All about ten times.


Your locks are defective too. Does anything that comes out of your factory work?