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-Peter and Jared defend a man who goes by the name of Viper and wears a cape while fighting crime. He chased a purse snatcher who ended up falling off a building to his death.

-Viper isn't telling the truth about what happened. Jared breaks him down on the stand. On the rooftop the purse snatcher came after Viper and he ran, jumping across to the next building. The other man tried to follow but fell to his death. This coincides with what a witness saw so the prosecution drops the murder charges.

-Peter's mother, Colleen arrives. She's sold her home but wants it back. In the meantime she moves in with Peter and Jared. 

-Peter is so busy with the case he has to hand off his mother's case to Damien. Damien finds an old farming provision which convinces the buyer to forfeit the sale.  Damien alludes to Peter that he slept with Colleen.

-Peter and Wendy's relationship heats up but he does find out that Janie has called off her engagement.  Jared asks him if anything will change.

-With Carmen's help, Pindar tracks down Megan.  She has several issues as well and seems to be stalking her ex-boyfriend.  The two agree to start therapy together.

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I have to deal with a trespassing Mom.


Come on. We have some sucking to do.