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-A pair of female Naval petty officers are charged with assault after a bar room brawl. They hire Franklin & Bash to defend them. Hanna assists as she was ROTC and worked a year at JAG.

-Together they prove that the women were set up so that they would be looked over for promotion by their female Captain who believed that woman shouldn't be allowed to work on the front lines.  When the women are almost court marshaled, the Captain steps forward and confesses.

-Pindar is arrested for carrying a switchblade in his car. It is actually a historical knife that they boys got Infeld as a gift. Infeld comes to court and defends Pindy, getting the charges dismissed.

-Damien starts a relationship with summer intern Alyssa when he thinks she'll be moving on to another law firm.  When she decides to stay, he is put in the position of having to fire her for making a costly error. 

-Damien proves that the error wasn't Alyssa's and Infeld tells him to offer her a permanent position.  She turns it down for a lesser paying position at another law firm.  She says perhaps she and Damien can continue their relationship once she's working there.

Franklin & Bash
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Franklin & Bash Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Carmen: Why are we getting American Sausage Maker?
Pindar: I enjoy encased meats, if I know exactly what's in them.

Peter: Whoa, punches? They assaulted you?
Nicole: They wish. We laid them out.