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Infeld comes back to the firm but things go awry when he punches a restaurant owner who insults him. The owner won't file charges if he's allowed to punch Infeld but he hires Mike Tyson to deliver the punch.

Ellen takes on Bob Allen's case which could turn into a class action suit. Jared is jealous because Bob is a handsome masseuse. Dan investigates Bob and finds out that he's a fraud. They let Damian steal the case from them.

The boys defend Jimmy who is accused of stealing celebrity handbags but was set up by Sadie, the pretty girl he's infatuated with. They have to prove that simply being around Sadie make Jimmy act as though he's drugged.

Dan, the investigator moves into the downstairs bedroom at Peter and Jared's Malibu home. 

Franklin & Bash
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Franklin & Bash Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

I didn't join this firm to defend potheads and perverts.


Jared: Stealing a wave.
Peter: That's just unCalifornian.