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Frasier and Alan are surprised to find Freddy having drinks with Lilith. Lilith and Frasier haven’t seen one another since his return to Boston, and the barbs fly.

Frasier is hurt when he learns that Freddy has invited Lilith to his birthday party but not him. Freddy just wants to avoid the drama the two of them bring. But when Frasier and Lilith continue arguing, Freddy decides neither should come.

Frasier and Lilith realize that if they continue down this road, there may come a time when Freddy cuts them both out of his life. They decide to get along for Freddy’s sake. At the same time, Eve tells Freddy that her son will never be able to spend time with both of his parents and Freddy should try harder to have them both in his life.

When Frasier and Lilith ask Freddy to have them both at his party, Freddy gets Frasier to offer to pay for the open bar before saying yes.

Alan is upset that Lilith fails to remember him even though he gave a toast at their wedding and spent a week with them in Aruba.

Much to Frasier’s dismay, the party is at a bowling alley. Alan wears the same white linen suit and fedora he wore to Frasier and Lilith’s wedding. Frasier, Lilith, and Freddy all make fun of his suit, liking it to several 1980s characters from James Bond villains to Jurassic Park.

Frasier is surprised to hear that Lilith is Freddy’s friend, Moose’s therapist. Frasier is upset because Lilith seems to know Freddy’s friends well, and he doesn’t. But Frasier feels he’ll show her up when he gives Freddy his gift. It’s a pen once owned by J.D. Salinger, the author of Freddy’s favorite book, The Catcher in the Rye.

But Lilith gives Freddy a football and has Vince Wilfork, formerly of the New England Patriots, visit the party. Freddy is thrilled!

Turns out he was a former patient of Lilith’s. When he asks for a pen to sign the football, someone grabs the pen Frasier is holding to give Freddy. When it doesn’t work, they toss it aside like trash.

Lilith finally remembers Alan. He fed $2,000 worth of caviar to the animals at the resort and stuck them with the bill, saying he was going to his car to get his wallet and never returning. Alan offers to pay her now, but quickly leaves the party.

Frasier is depressed and upset that Lilith gave Freddy such an extravagant gift. Lilith points out that she knows Freddy better than Frasier. While Frasier was never around, she’s been with him his whole life. Frasier says he and Freddy have gotten very close since he moved to Boston. He wishes there was a way to prove to Lilith how well he knows Freddy.

That’s when David announced The Who Knows Freddy Best quiz. Freddy asks David not to, as it might embarrass him. David swears it won’t and then asks what color nail polish Freddy wore during his Goth stage.

Frasier is losing until it gets to Freddy’s favorite breakfast, and Lilith learns that Frasier and Freddy are living together and Freddy never told her. The two bicker, and Freddy kicks them out of his party.

At Frasier’s, Lilith arrives and asks where Freddy lives. Frasier shows her Freddy’s room. The two wonder what is wrong with them, but both admit that their sniping felt like the good old days.

They start to kiss on Freddy’s bed as he and the woman he picked up at the bowling alley walk in. The woman leaves, while Freddy can’t believe they found yet another way to ruin his birthday.

Frasier and Lilith shrug. Frasier says she can take Thanksgiving this year if he can have Christmas. She agrees.


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Frasier Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Lilith: Frasier, I almost didn’t recognize you. I’m used to seeing you wedged between commercials for injury attorneys and walk-in tubs. I’m just joking. I’ve never seen your television show.
Frasier: It’s good to see you. But if you’re here, then who’s minding the children you’ve lured to your gingerbread house?

Lilith: Hello, Frasier.
Frasier: Lilith. Dear God. Who looked in the mirror and said your name three times?