During a press conference, a girl in a mental hospital is laying down cards, seemingly having memory flashes.

When they find out the dead girl ?? threw away stuff after 2001, Raimy sends in Frank in 1996 to see if he can find things way in advance.

Julie and Coach make a date.

Frank is looking into the stuff and Larissa's mother runs into the house wondering about her daughter. Was the Nightingale responsible?? It's very sad.

Raimy and Satch talk to the minister who started St. Abigail's Angels. He'll get them records of the kids from the early '90s. So he says. He's the Nightingale. Why? Because he's a known actor.

The lady in the asylum wants to make a call, but the guy doesn't want to give her a cell phone and to supervise a regular call. Never mind.

In the past, Raimy is mad at her mom.

Daniel shows up at her house when her other dude is there. He's drunk. 

When Raimy is helping an ill Daniel puke in his bathroom, she goes to get his advil or whatever and sees he has the same ring in the same place he had the one she thought was for her.

There is stuff about Megan. She was a naked walker way back when. She cut herself to try to get rid of the pain of "him." It would be fascinating if it was on Criminal Minds.

Um. I'm sorry. I can't. It was too easy to figure out the Nightingale with his familiar face. They should have cast an unknown. 

No more reviews or recaps on this, I'm afraid, as there isn't an audience of readers interested in it. Farewell!


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Frequency Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Raimy: Daniel, what are you doing here?
Daniel: Says the crazy stalker girl who keeps popping in and out of my life.

You want to do this again sometime? How could you possibly resist?

Daniel [flushes toilet after vomiting]