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November 13, 2016

Satch is drinking a beer with a wicked sneer on his face as he watches the news of Amanda's death.

November 12, 1996

Also drinking a beer, he's happy to watch Frank having foiled the Nightingale.

Back to today. He doesn't even want to watch the news. He's flashing between then and today when he was happy and when he's anything but.

His house was filled with a loving wife, and two excited little girls. Now it appears to be empty.

Raimy is called into Stan's office. He's talking about the photo that was found on Amanda Baldwin. Satch is retiring. Until the task force gets sorted, Raimy is to report to Stan. If she was unhappy and sullen before, she's really unhappy and sullen now.

Back then, Satch madethe short list for sergeant. His wife wants to have a party, inviting Frank and Jules.

Frank and Satch get wind of a blue truck and camper belonging to a butcher. He keeps it at his summer cabin, neither of which he uses since his ex and daughter moved south. He goes down there to spend time with them all summer.

In '94, Frank made detective and was excited to go undercover.

Present, Raimy tells Frank about the photo. She knows the fact Nightingale took the photo means something, even beyond the fact he's toying with them.

Someone shows up at Julie's door. Julie offers to call the police, but the girl says that's who did this to her. The girl who shows up is Mirasella. Frank's girlfriend.

Raimy goes to visit Satch. She's upset she heard about his retirement through Stan. Satch is feeling sorry for himself. He says Stan gets results, unlike him.

Mirasella leaks too much. When Frank gets home, Julie calls Frank out on what he was doing undercover. She wore her ring always, but yes, she did get closer to Ted. 

Mirasella, meanwhile, knows Stan is killing anyone who knows he's dirty. Frank was Mirasella's ticket out. Now she has to find another way. He told her months ago they did what they did and it's over. He can help her, but he can't be with her. Except she's still there, wondering what was real and what wasn't.

Raimy and Satch head up to the camp where the nurse was working and she remembers seeing her mom and dad fighting when she was little.

Around that same time, her mom sealed the deal with Ted. He's not that smart, not realizing she only slept with him because she was hurt by Frank.

At the camp, Satch and Raimy find a whole plethora of information. Their hope is that he brought her here in a wacked out way to prepare her for a good death, salvation. The Nightingale thinks he's saving these women.

It's the hideaway camp. And the Hideaway camp seems to be where Mirasella was supposed to be waiting for Frank? 

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Frequency Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Mirasella: Is that your daughter?
Julie: Our daughter.
Mirasella: He never told me. He never told me any of this.

You chose the job, and I chose to move on. You know, we keep score, and we both lose.