Eddie and Louise S6E1 - Fresh Off the Boat
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On the new episode of Fresh Off the Boat Season 6 Episode 1, the end of summer has finally come to an end and the brand new school year has commenced.

The Huang family is all together with Marvin and Honey watching the World Cup USA vs. China game when Brandi Chastain rips off her shirt after scoring the winning goal.

Evan rushes out of the room as he finally received his first case of "the tingles." Eddie and Louis debate about who will give him "the talk,"but once decided they both struggle to actually give adorable little Evan said "talk."

Meanwhile, Jessica is having a hard time when she feels like Honey is overstepping boundaries when she suggests to Emory that he choose drama as his elective. They end up in a verbal battle against each other that lasts a few days blowing up in an incident involving ripping the sleeves off Emory's costume. 

As Jessica tries to mend their mistakes by attempting to hand sew the sleeves back on, she realizes sometimes she's not always right. A hard realization for Jessica, but she goes to make amends with Honey and admits defeat and that perhaps about 2% of the time she does need help. 

The two make up and their friendship is strong again. 

Fresh Off the Boat
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Fresh Off the Boat Season 6 Episode 1 Quotes

Little Evan is finally talking to Big Evan.


Are you starting high school or prison?