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It is the first Friday night for the Dillon Panthers football team and things are already on the verge of chaos.

Tyra and Landry wake up together. She slept over! He tells her that it was the best night of his life, and she says it can't ever happen again. Tyra climbs out his window and Landry's father notices.

Landry's dad asks whether he's making any new friends now that he's a part of the Panthers. He also sees that Landry isn't wearing his grandfather's watch, and makes a point of asking about this. Landry tells Tyra that if his watch is found at the scene of the crime and he's implicated, he will do everything to keep her safe.

Tyra is working at Applebee's, meanwhile, and one of her patrons on this day is Landry's dad. He asks her straight out if she's dating Landry, and doesn't hide his surprise at the fact. Tyra replies that Landry is kind, caring and funny, and he should know that, being his dad and all.

At the end of the episode, Tyra climbs into Landry's bedroom window again and kisses him. He tries to protest, but she just gives him another kiss. These two are becoming quite the item... will it last?

At practice, coach MacGregor continues to ride Tim hard, making him walk laps with a tire over his head. Riggins collapses in the heat and must be rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. Lyla visits him in the hospital, though, and invites him again to come to her church.

Coach MacGregor sends Jason over to Tim's house to pump #33 up for the game that night. Tim's already drinking, though, and says he has been thinking about quitting the team. Jason gets upset, and Tim fires back that Jason doesn't want to be his friend, and he's a crummy coach as well.

Tim's day just keeps getting worse, too. He learns that his brother Billy is seeing Jackie, the next door neighbor Tim was involved with. With life coming apart at the seams, he heads to church to find Lyla. Awkwardly but sincerely, he joins her in the experience.

Later, at Lyla's house, Tim comes over unannounced and thanks her, telling her how he felt something really strong at church, a sense of belonging. But Riggins blows it when he leans in to kiss her, and Lyla pulls away, accusing him of using a cheap line and tells him to leave.

Eric is running practice at TMU when he talks on the phone to Tami, while Glenn is there fixing her ice maker. Coach isn't happy to learn that Glenn's got his hands in his wife's (ice) box. Sorry, that was low.

Buddy Garrity is upset with the state of Panther football and asks Coach to meet him somewhere between Dillon and Austin. He tells Eric that the team is in shambles. There's no leadership. He hates the coach. Buddy says that if Eric wants his job back, he can make it happen.

Buddy uses Eric's family as an incentive, saying they need him badly. Julie is out with the Swede and his friends, smoking pot and acting cool. Out way past her curfew, the Swede drives her home past 2, and they stop to neck in his van first. Tami sees this and runs out, incensed, ordering her to get in the house. Julie begs the Swede to drive her somewhere, and he refuses. Jules tells Tami to go to hell, and then Tami slaps her in the face.

It's opening day and tensions are brewing between Matt tells Smash. Saracen wants Williams to act like the captain and not just like he's all that. At the Tasty Freeze, too, Smash draws the ire of Matt by talking about Smash constantly and not living up to his responsibilities.

It's 0-0 late in the game Friday night. After the opposing team intercepts a Saracen pass, the players start bickering. Street tries to offer advice but MacGregor says he doesn't need tips from the mascot. The look on the face of Jason is that of sheer dejection.

In the waning moments, MacGregor calls a play in which the ball is snapped directly to Smash, who runs for the winning touchdown. Resentful and upset, Matt tackles Smash after the game and both players have to be torn off of each other and restrained.

Sore and hurt from his fight with Smash, Saracen finds comfort in Carlotta, Grandma's new aide. She offers to massage his shoulder, and sings softly in Spanish to him while she tends to his injuries. There's something brewing between these two, it would appear.

Jason goes over to Riggins' house in the middle of the night and tells him off. Street quit the team, but not because Tim Riggins told him he's a bad coach. He quit because he doesn't like MacGregor and wants to go to Mexico for his experimental stem-cell surgery. He's pissed, but that's all water under the bridge when Riggins offers to accompany him to Mexico.

Eric comes home to Tami after the game. Tami says she slapped Julie across the face and cries in his arms. Coach knows what he has to do. Buddy is asleep at his desk at the dealership again when Eric shows up.

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