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It's official. Eric Taylor is back in Dillon.

It was a bit sudden, but it was clear that Bill MacGregor, the Tennessee Tyrant, had already lost control of the Panthers football team... and fallen out of the good graces of Buddy Garrity, which is just as bad.

Eric gets a call from Buddy while in the middle of coaching a game at TMU. Garrity tells him that it's a done deal, he's forced MacGregor out and the job is his again. But a legal challenge from MacGregor puts that in doubt. After hearings, some wrangling from attorneys and Buddy flexing his influence, the coach is axed for good.

On his way out of Dillon, MacGregor stops by Eric's house. Lambasting him for screwing over another coach, and for being in on the plot to have him ousted, MacGregor leaves with an ominous, "I'll be seein' you again."

Coach is distraught over Bill MacGregor's words, but for the team - at 1-1 and with Matt Saracen and Smash Williams feuding - and for the Taylor family, his return to Dillon comes not a moment too soon.

Julie is losing it in typical teen fashion, so angry, rebellious and bitter at the world so as to be unapproachable at every turn. There is a touching moment at the end, however, when Julie sees the Swede for what he is and returns home in shambles, where she finds Tami waiting for her with open arms, despite her acting out of late.

And now for the update on the Landry-Tyra murder conspiracy. Landry still does not have his watch, and starts freaking out when his dad leaves the family dinner table because the body was pulled out of the river. He's in shambles again later when a couple of cops ominously walk up to him and Saracen at lunch, but it turns out they're just giving the Panthers some smack about losing their last game. Landry is almost physically ill.

Tyra, too, is questioned by the Dillon police... but only in regards to the man being her attacker. She's in tears at the station as the IDs him, and for the moment, that's all they want from her. How long, though, until the authorities start getting suspicious about the rapist's death - and connect it to the two teens involved?

Meanwhile, Tim and Jason are off Mexico for Street's experimental surgery. Even though Tim Riggins - Riggins! - thinks this plan is certifiably insane, somehow with Street it makes sense. The fallen golden child is looking for something - anything - to give him a ray of hope. Even a surgery that sounds so unrealistic and dangerous it's got Tim Riggins raising his eyebrows.

When he learns he can't meet the doctor for another week, Street is upset, and becomes more so when he has to bail Riggins out of jail. Later in the week, they're singing karaoke at a Mexican bar when a drunken Street starts talking to the crowd about Dillon being a terrible place and how he wants out of there forever. Realizing more and more that his friend is in trouble, and this experimental shark's blood injection Street plans on getting is potentially crazy, a worried Tim phones Lyla to come down to Mexico and help talk sense into his friend.

For her part, Lyla is still working overtime for Christ Teen Messengers. In visiting a juvenile detention facility, she's berated by some of the young inmates for not practicing what she preaches. Upset, she picks up one of the newly-released kids and insists - begs - him to let her takes hi under her wing. She even gets her father to hire him in his dealership's parts department, so that he can have a job while he's on probation.

Will Lyla do another good deed and go to Mexico to rescue Tim and Jason? We'll have to wait and see, but it's looking that way.

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