The Panthers are getting killed on the football field and everyone is mad except Smash, who's gloating about his upcoming recruiting trip. Matt's girlfriend, Lauren, is making out with him in the car and invites him to stay the night, but he uses excuse that Grandma is expecting him. When Saracen gets home, he tries to make a move on Carlotta, but she tells him that nothing happened and that she will not talk about it.

The next day at the Saracens, Matt and Carlotta start kissing when Lauren stops by with no notice. Carlotta goes into her room, very conflicted about what to do.

Smash's mama tells him she's not happy with this McNeere State trip - it's a party school and nothing else. She tells him that no matter what, he needs to remember that he represents his family when he's there.

At school, a police officer pulls Tyra out of class, and says the rapist's brother wants to meet all the victims and make amends. Tyra agrees but later, can't face him, and Landry volunteers to step in.

Eric opens the door of Tami's office and finds Glen on the couch, laughing and having a great time. Coach is not pleased. Tami tells Eric that she needs a night out. Not with him.

At McNeere St., Smash meets some of the players, most of whom seem nice to him except an enormous lineman, Latrell Kennedy, who angrily blows him off.

Tim, crashing at Mindy's friend's place, is feeding the ferrets. Standard. The dude tells a sullen Tim that there's more to life than football, and offers to take him hunting the next day.

Upset by the closeness of Julie and Noah Barnett, Tami takes the teacher to an empty classroom, but doesn't shut the door. Then she reams him out. Tami feels that the book he loaned Julie is too adult, and says his behavior is inappropriate with her daughter. She threatens to get him fired and/or beat up if he touches Jules, basically. Turns out some kids are in the hall listening to this and the word spreads fast about Tami's meltdown.

When Julie learns of her mother's confrontation with Noah, she storms into her mom's office is livid, once again believing Tami is ruining her life.

Landry, in place of Tyra, meets her attacker's brother. When asked what he means to accomplish here, the brother repeatedly apologizes and Landry sees the guy he killed in a different light - someone who did horrible things, yes, but somebody's brother, too. His guilt increases tenfold.

After fun hunting, the dude sends Tim into the convenience store for beer and cold medicine. When questioned about why he would possibly need cold medicine at midnight, dude just says he feels a cold coming on.

When Tami gets home after her night out, Eric is not pleased as he's been up the entire time with crying Gracie. When Tami talks about the fun she had, he crosses the line and says she needs to pay more attention to her family. He'll be sleeping on the couch for that one.

At a wild party, Smash tells his McNeere hosts that he's made his decision. They invite him to pick a girl to have some fun with. Smash does so, but as he's getting it on with her, someone bangs on the door - Latrell. That was his girlfriend, apparently. He bursts in and catches Smash, dressed in his boxers only. Yelling that he better find a new school, Latrell chases him out of the dorm, into the street and over a fence. That speed is what makes Williams a prized recruit - but he's burned this bridge and lost his pants.

Smash calls Matt to pick him up and bring him some clothes.

In the car, on the way back to Dillon, Matt asks him how to break up with a girl. Smash tells him to say he wants an open relationship. That way the  girl is upset and ends up breaking up with him instead! Matt does this with Lauren and it succeeds, though the usually  nice guy Saracen feels slightly more guilty than Smash indicated.

Lyla and some friends are having Bible study in the diner and Landry hears them. Lyla sees him they talk about faith, about good and bad Christians, about doing what's right. Lyla tells him telling the truth can't be wrong.

Back at Tim's new place, he stumbles upon the dude's meth lab. Tim is stunned. The dude finds him and threatens him, sort of. Riggins has had enough.

Tim finds and puts on his uniform and goes to practice. Eric orders him to get off his field and to take off his uniform, but he won't. Instead, Tim goes up to his teammates individually and apologizes to them, cracks jokes with Smash and Matt, and then apologizes to the team as a whole. Eric says his penance is not paid, but to get his ass into formation.

Back at the Taylor home, Tami says she just can't not have a friend at work to laugh and joke with. Eric tells her that it's not about Glenn, but that he wants to be the one she laughs and jokes with. He tells her he misses her and she says the same. All is right with the world again.

Matt tells Carlotta he broke up with Lauren, that he couldn't be with her because he thought about Carlotta all the time. Saracen goes to his room. After a bit, Carlotta follows and they begin to kiss and really hook up.

Landry walks alone down the police station corridor. He enters an office at the station and announces that he needs to talk to someone about the murder because "I did it. I killed him."

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