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- Julie and Landry prepare to leave for college.

- Tim has 3 months left in prison. His sentence was cut due to good behavior.

- Tami starts as the guidance counselor at East Dillon and is dismayed at how little attention is given to troubled students.

- Hastings Ruckle joins the team.

- Jess and Vince are going strong.

- Billy becomes an assistant coach to the Lions.

- Becky moves in with the Riggins family after fighting with her stepmother.

- Ruckle becomes the key to defeating the opponent's defense.

- The Lions beat the reigning state champions in their first game of the season.

Friday Night Lights
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Friday Night Lights Season 5 Episode 1 Quotes

Billy: The way I look at it, I was kinda a coach to you, right?
Tim: Coach was my coach Billy.

Don't ya just love summer in Texas? Seven AM and I'm already sweatin' like a whore in church.

Slammin' Sammy Meade