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Ross tries to stop Rachel from learning of his one night stand, but when she finds out, the four other Friends are trapped in Monica's room, stuck listening to them break up.

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Friends Season 3 Episode 16 Quotes

Rachel: (Ordering a pizza) We'd like to order a large pizza.
Ross: (To Rachel) No anchovies.
Rachel: With extra anchovies.
Ross: That's all right; I'll just pick 'em off.
Rachel: And could you please chop some up and put them right there in the sauce?

Ross: (About sleeping with Chloe) Listen, can you keep this information to yourself?
Isaac: Aw, no problem dude. You know we got to look out for each other. We're the same, you and me.
Ross: Actually, no, we're not.
Isaac: Yeah, we are.
Ross: No, we're not.
Isaac: Yeah, we are.
Ross: No, we're not!
Isaac: Okay, we're not.
Ross: Right.
Isaac: But, we are.
Ross: Fine. I just need to know that you're not gonna tell your sister.
Isaac: I can promise not to tell her again.