Friends Season 3

"The One at the Beach"

The gang goes to the beach. Phoebe meets a woman who knew her mother; Ross learns Rachel still loves him.

"The One with the Ultimate Fighting Champion"

Pete plans to compete in UFC and when refuses to give up, Monica reconsiders their relationship; Chandler's new boss keeps slapping him on the butt.

"The One with Ross's Thing"

Afflicted with a skin condition, Ross seeks help from Phoebe's herbalist (Kevin McDonald).

"The One with the Screamer"

At Joey's premiere, Ross is the only one that thinks Rachel's date (Ben Stiller) is nuts; Joey falls in love with Kate, but she gets a job in LA.

"The One with a Chick and a Duck"

Monica considers a dream job at Pete's restaurant; Joey and Chandler adopt a baby chick and duck; Ross misses a panel for the Discovery Channel to help Rachel.

"The One with the Dollhouse"

Rachel regrets setting him Chandler and her new boss, Joanna; Joey and Kate sleep together.

"The One with the Tiny T-Shirt"

Rachel goes on her first date post-Ross with Mark; Joey gets a crush on his co-star, Kate (Dina Meyer); Monica continues to date Pete.

"The One with the Hypnosis Tape"

Desperate Monica agrees to go on a date with a wealthy customer, Pete (Jon Favreau); Phoebe freaks out when she learns her 18-year-old half-brother is set to marry a woman twice his age (Debra Jo Rupp); Chandler uses a hypnosis tape to quit smoking.

"The One Without the Ski Trip"

After Ross and Rachel break up, Rachel takes the gang on a ski trip and Ross feels lonely and goes to visit Carol.

"The One the Morning After"

Ross tries to stop Rachel from learning of his one night stand, but she finds out.

"The One Where Ross and Rachel Take a Break"

After Ross and Rachel take a break, Ross finds comfort in another woman; Phoebe dates a diplomat that needs a translator to talk to her.

"The One with Phoebe's Ex-Partner"

Phoebe reunites with her old singing partner (Elizabeth Daily); Chandler dates a woman with a fake leg; Rachel and Ross' relationship is strained by her job.

"The One Where Monica and Richard are Just Friends"

Monica's runs into Richard at the video store; Joey agrees to read Little Women if Rachel reads The Shining; Phoebe's date wears too short of shorts.

"The One with All the Jealousy"

Ross becomes jealous when he thinks Rachel's co-worker, Mark, is flirting; Joey lies on his resume and has to teach a dance routine; Monica dates a busboy at the diner.

"The One Where Chandler Can't Remember Which Sister"

Ross is suspicious about Rachel's job offer from a good looking stranger; Chandler fools around with one of Joey's sister, but can't remember which.

"The One Where Rachel Quits"

Rachel quits her job when Gunther corrects her on all her mistakes; Phoebe tries to help Joey sell Christmas trees.

"The One with the Football"

The gang tries to play a game of touch football on Thanksgiving, but arguments ensue.

"The One With The Giant Poking Device"

The gang thinks the "ugly naked guy" is dead to created a giant poking device to test.

"The One with the Race Car Bed"

Monica buys a bed from Janice's soon-to-be ex-husband and sees him making out with Jancie; Ross tries to bond with Rachel's father.

"The One with the Flashback"

When Janice asks the gang if any of them have slept together, we a flashback.

"The One with Frank Jr."

Phoebe's half-brother comes to visit and they have problems connecting; Joey tries to build an entertainment center.

"The One with the Metaphorical Tunnel"

Phoebe pretends to be Joey's agent and lands him auditions; Ross is upset when Ben brings a barbie doll over; Chandler realizes he has a fear of commitment.

"The One with the Jam"

Phoebe dates a man who thinks he's stalker her twin; Ross and Rachel give Chandler boyfriend pointers.

"The One Where No One's Ready"

Ross is in a rush to get everyone ready for his museum banquet; Monica freaks out when she hears a voice mail from Richard.

"The One with the Princess Leia Fantasy"

Ross reveals his sexual fantasy: Rachel dressed as Princess Leia; Monica suffers from insomnia after breaking up with Richard.

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Friends Season 3 Quotes

Joey: Hey, Monica bought a bed from the Mattress King?
Phoebe: Yeah, so please, please, please, don't say anything to Chandler.
Joey: (Sounding offended) You want me to lie to Chandler?
Phoebe: Is that a problem?
Joey: No.

Janice: Who of the six of you has slept with who of the six of you?
Phoebe: Wow, it's like a dirty math problem.