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The team looks into a killer that attaches herself to suicidal victims.

Lincoln Lee from our side makes an appearance and he and Peter work a case together.

William Bell's consciousness has stowed away in Olivia's brain, but in the end the process is not as easy as he initially thought.

Walter and William try to find a suitable host for William's consciousness, while Peter and Lincoln race to find the woman who is attached to the suicidal victims. Her family was killed, and she is trying to join them in the afterlife, hoping to stowaway with other souls as they make their descent into heaven.



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Fringe Season 3 Episode 17 Quotes

William Bell: Now, Olivia's brain can accommodate my consciousness for several weeks, before would anything happen to her.
Peter: Weeks? Not a chance.
William Bell: And, I am confident Walter will find a more stable home, long before that.

I understand that this could take some time getting used to. Imagine how I feel, I never knew that a bra was so binding.

William Bell