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The Fringe team is in a full on search for the man in the mirror.

Olivia's apartment is inhabited by a glowing electromagnetic form that sucks her metal objects to its being.

A lot about the current timeline and the relationships within it are revealed.

Walter decides to leave the lab for the first time in three years to assist with "Subject 9."

Walther is concerned Olivia will recommit him to the institution.

Peter's face appears in the protoplasm like form, and Olivia stops any attempt to eradicate it.

Peter shows up in Reiden Lake, claiming to know everyone and asking for Olivia Dunham.

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Fringe Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

You were always the strongest. The others recognized that. You were always the favorite.


So you're saying that your equipment somehow recorded the event before it even occurred. How is that even possible?