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Walter tries to help by traveling to the alternate universe when a Fringe event threatens both worlds.

The event is a plane crash over there, with victims over here.

Alt-Lincoln's funeral is held.

Fauxliivia and Lincoln work with Walter on the other side.

Jones and Alt-Broyles are working together, but not willingly.

Walter apologizes to Alt-Broyles for the damage he's caused to their universe.

Jones asks Alt-Broyles to affix a device to the machine.

Alt-Nina confirmed to Fauxlivia that Alt-Broyles was the mole.

Alt-Broyles turns himself in and is given a cell across from Alt-Nina.

Walter determines Jones wants to collapse both universes.


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Fringe Season 4 Episode 18 Quotes

I understand, but this level of surveillance involves a lot of red tape. I'll cut through it.


Walter: Feel it Peter.
Peter: Oh really, can I?
Walter: He's dead, Peter, you can't hurt him.
Peter: Not really what I was concerned about.