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What Peter observes puts him in danger.

Olivia gets the same Observer tech Peter put in his head from Anil.

Walter begs Peter to return to the lab because he promised he would be there to keep him from slipping back to the old Walter. Peter refuses.

Olivia meet with a woman named Simone who has a magnet needed to need to help save the world. Shes' been holding it for decades.

Olivia is kidnapped, but Etta's bullet necklace saves her life.

Using the tale of the necklace, Olivia pleads with Peter to come back to her.

Peter hears Olivia, and removes the tech, abandoning his plan to take down Windmark on his own.


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Fringe Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

Olivia: Expecting me?
Simone: I've been waiting many years for someone to come for that magnet. Come, I'll show you.

Peter: Trust me when I tell you, I am in complete control.
Walter: I don't believe you are in control. Son, you promised me. You said you would be there for me, do you remember, to keep me from slipping? I need you. I'm begging you. Please come back in and let me run some tests.