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On From Dusk Till Dawn Season 3 Episode 5, Dakota goes to Freddie after her showdown with Richie. She tells Freddie that she wants to assemble a task force to go after Richie, but Freddie manages to convince her to get out of town for awhile, at least he thinks he does.

There's a huge swarm of locusts that have popped up, thanks to Brasa and Amaru. The locusts settle into Shady Glen, a nice suburban neighborhood, where they immediately infect the water supply and turn people into cannibals. Oh, and they aren't locusts so much as flying scorpion Xibalban things.

The whole gang manages to find their way to Shady Glen, including Dakota, who gets a cop to pull a gun on Freddie and Richie. This is when Richie breaks the culebra news to her. Dakota finds herself in this crazy culebra war, and she reminds Freddie of who the Geckos truly are.

This, naturally, leads to some bickering between a variety of people, and somehow, Seth is the one to get everyone to focus and work as a team. Well, it works for a minute, and then Richie and Freddie have a fight, and Seth is infected with the flying scorpions and tries to kill Dakota.

Thankfully, Burt shows up to save the day. With some help from Scott and Sex Machine, Burt kills the Xibalban that is poisoning the water supply, and all the infected people turn back to their non flesh eating selves. Freddie and Richie go after Amaru and Brasa, and Amaru kidnaps Richie.

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From Dusk Till Dawn Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Dakota: Richard is some off the scale brainiac.
Seth: You are a fucking idiot.

This is just one big field trip for you, isn't it?