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Earth is in danger of being destroyed by a death sphere with the ship code of "V-Giny."  Earth's only hope is to call upon the crazy professor it's called on before... Farnsworth!  Nixon and Zapp Brannigan head to Planet Express and recruit the gang.  The professor gives them a small ship and Leela agrees to pilot it.  Zapp hops along for the ride (in the one-man ship) and the two take off to destroy the death sphere.   Once inside, they discover the sphere is censoring television and the plan goes horribly wrong.  On their escape out, they crash on an Adam-and-Eve like planet.

Zapp convinces Leela to strip down naked and the two cover themselves in Adam and Eve leaves.  Leela remains trapped under a log the whole time as Zapp cares for her, foraging her nuts and berries, etc.

Back at Earth, the Professor learns that the V-Giny part of a V-Chip satellite and the death sphere is only intent on destroying planets that need to be censored.  He and the gang head to the only pure Island left on Earth to prove there's still some Earth that doesn't need to be censored.  However, Bender ends up messing things up by violating the satellite dish they're using to broadcast to V-Giny.

Back on the Adam and Eve planet, Zapp shows Leela footage of Earth being destroyed.  Devasted, Leela agrees to give in to Zapp and recreate the human species.  That's when Fry comes stumbling in.  Turns out Zapp has been lying to Leela the whole time and they were on Earth.

The V-Giny finally arrives on Earth and meets with the Planet Express crew.  It sees purity in Adam and Eve and agrees to leave Earth unharmed... if they make love.  They do.  Poor Fry.

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Futurama Season 7 Episode 2 Quotes

Let's see how crazy I am now, Nixon. The correct answer is very.


My instincts are to hide in the barrel like the wiley fish.

Zapp Brannigan