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Futurama Preview: "Neutopia"

Futurama Preview: "Neutopia"

We have a preview clip from the upcoming June 23rd episode of Futurama, "Neutopia." We can't wait for Fry and the Planet Express crew to come back into our lives!
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I hate these filthy Neutrals, Kif. With enemies you know where they stand but with Neutrals, who knows? It sickens me.


Bender: The fact is, humans are completely harmless.
Blue Elder: We're well aware of that.
Bender: You are?
Blue Elder: Of course. But they're useful to us as a scapegoat to distract the public from their real problem.
Green Elder: Like our crippling lug nut shortage.
Orange Elder: And a corrupt government of incompetent Robot Elders.
Yellow Elder: Duh, that's for sure.
Blue Elder: Quiet, Jimmy.