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The Futurama Holiday is divided into three segments:

  • Xmas - The crew tries to bring back the extinct Pine Tree and ends up planting a seed that was mixed with germs.  It ends up causing a reforestation of Earth that leads to its destruction.
  • Robanukah - Bender tries to get the Planet Express crew to find some petroleum oil in order for him to help celebrate the oil wrestling tradition of his made up holiday.  It leads to him killing the rest of the crew, but they eventually become oil for him 5 million years later.  It was very sweet of them.
  • Kwanzaa - When the Planet Express crew goes over to Hermes to celebrate Kwanza, they realize they're missing the essential beeswax candles.  They end up being stuck returning to the deadly space bees to get the wax.  Once there, they discover the bees are fighting each other and try to use Kwanza to reunite them.  It works, but the bees team up to kill the crew.


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Futurama Season 7 Episode 13 Quotes

Pine trees aren't barking snakes - they won't just turn up in a salad in Olive Garden.


You know Santa may have killed Scruffy, but he makes a good point.