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  • After being snubbed by the professor Fry decides to seek out his extended family, and finds that the Professor's parents are still alive.
  • He seeks them out and develops a bond with them, and it makes the professor jealous as well as bringing up painful memories.
  • It turns the professor's parents didn't allow him to go to university, but rather brought him to a farm. They explain to him that they did it because they were afraid he was going to end up like his older brother and end up in a mental institution.
  • Farnsworth tells them that he is that older brother, and Bender alludes to the fact that their younger son is dead.
  • With old wounds healed the professor brings his parents back to the Near Death Star.
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Futurama Season 9 Episode 10 Quotes

Zoidberg: I'm Dr. Zoidberg I'm very important.
Leela: Hey Zoidberg you forgot to empty this trash can!

That is one crazy, uncircumcised man.