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Sid is on the run and a villager spots him. The villager plans to cash in on the reward in exchange for Sid. But, Sid convinces the villagers to rise up against the King and Queen. Before they even reach the castle, all of the villagers bail on him, until Sid is the only one left. 

Tired and hungry, Galavant, Richard and Roberta are all on the last horse standing. When the horse refuses to move, they realize that they are on Sir Arnold Galavant's property, Galavant's father. 

Galavant doesn't want to go to his dad for help because he was not a good man and was an absentee father but they find that he is a changed man. Sir Arnold runs a swordsmanship group for at risk youth now. Galavant and his Dad bond as Galavant sees that he really has changed for the better. 

Roberta is starting to realize her feelings for Richard, even if she won't admit it, and Galavant notices too. 

Madalena surprises Gareth for his birthday, but he hates all of the fancy gifts. Gareth tells her that he usually goes and gets a scar for his birthday.

Madalena decides to bring him to a pub, so he can get into a fight. None of the patrons will fight him, and Gareth is disappointed. 

Isabella is free of her spell and orders Wormwood to leave. Her parents are released from the dungeon, and she breaks her engagement with Prince Harry. 

Barry and Wormwood escape Hortensia, and run into Sid in the Forest of Coincidence. A stranger tells Sid where to find Galavant, Sid gets a horse, a sword, and Wormwood and Barry learn that Valencia is home to a crazy King and Queen. 

Wormwood goes to Valencia to convince Madalena and Gareth to start an unprovoked war with the kingdom of Hortensia. They delightfully agree. 

Sid arrives at Sir Arnold's home and reunites with Galavant, who was playing cabbage catch with his Dad. Sid tosses Galavant his sword, but Galavant is distracted by RIchard and the sword stabs Galavant through the stomach. 



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Galavant Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

I smell back-story!


And a lot of children. Your wife must be so sore.