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Richard wakes Galavant up to tell him that he has traded the Jewel of Valencia for a dragon. Galavant is angry that he did this and even more angry because the dragon is actually just a lizard. 

Galavant, fed up with Richard, leaves to find the Giants on his own and convince them to help him rescue Isabella. Galavant had planned to pay them with the Jewel of Valencia but that is no longer an option. 

In Hortensia, Isabella is picking table clothes and going over the guest list  under the control of Wormwood and his tainted tiara.  Isabella's mother begins to question her daughter's actions and Isabella has her sent to the dungeon.  

Galavant finds the Giants but they aren't actually giant, they are the same size as Galavant. They say they will help Galavant, but they need to confront the dwarves about the bridge before they can leave. 

In Valencia, Gareth and Sid are having a pint and Gareth tells Sid that he has feelings for Madalena. Sid tells Gareth that Madalena is bad news and warns him against pursuing her. Sid tells Gareth not to tell Madalena that Sid told him to stay away and they talk about the bro-code. 

Galavant goes with the Giants to confront the Dwarves. The Dwarves are actually regularly sized men, also. Richard is with the Dwarves and they fight. 

Roberta breaks up the fight. She reminds Galavant that Richard has been loyal to him this whole time. Galavant and Richard make up. 

Isabella goes to find out why one her guests hasn't sent her RSVP card back for the wedding. The guest is an edgy princess and she accidently knocks the mind controlling tiara from Isabella's head. Isabella is angry and heads back home to confront Wormwood. 

Madalena orders the guards to kill Sid after she hears about the conversation between Gareth and Sid. Gareth and Madalena admit their feelings for each other. Sid is on the run. 



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Galavant Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Am I planning a royal wedding or a medical convention?


Do you really want to die in a battle this ludicrous?