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On this Game of Thrones episode...

- Theon goes hunting for Bronn and company, coming across a farm house where he believes they are hiding. We don't actually see Theon track down the Stark boys, but we do end the episode with him hanging two charred bodies in front of everyone at Winterfell. I highly doubt they are the kids.

- Jon Snow continues to be distracted by Ygritte (and her talk of sex), eventually stumbling into a trap where her people are all around him.

- Jaime Lannister escapes (after killing a relative thrown into custody with him, along with someone keeping guard), only to then be tracked down and apprehended again. There's tension among some of the men who wish to kill him and, with Robb away working to negotiate a peace, Catelynn is left in charge. She confronts Jaime near the end of the episode and draws her sword on him when starts taunting her over Ned.

- Sansa gets her period, making her able to have Joffrey's children. Cersei tries to actually be there for her as a result, and later confesses to Tyrion that she understands the monster she's created in Joffrey.

- Dany learns that she and her dragons are being used by Quarth. Xaro has teamed with the weird dude who stole her dragons, killed the other elders in town and plan to force Dany to help them become their own kings.

Game of Thrones
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