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The aftermath of Tyrion’s trial takes center stage this week, Sansa keeps trying to adjustment to life in the Vale.

Jaime visits Tyrion and tells him he can not be his champion. Tyrion send for Bronn, but learns he has made a deal with Cersei and also turns down Tyrion's request to fight for him. He is later visited by Oberyn who tells the story of seeing Tyrion when he was just a baby. He offers to be Tyrion's champion to get the justice he craves for his murdered sister and her children.

Sandor and Arya come across a burnt home, the owner of which has been mortally wounded. Sandor puts him out of his misery, but is then attacked by a man who bites him. A second man appears and Arya recognizes him as Rorge a Lannister prisoner who previously threatened her life. After learning his name she kills him.

Brienne and Pod stop for a decent meal at an inn and meet Hot Pie. He tells them that Arya is still alive and gives them some insight as to where she might be.

Jon Snow returns to Castle Black and suggests they seal the tunnel to prepare for attack. His idea is shot down and he is also ordered to lock up Ghost.

Daario surprises Dany in her chambers and asks her to let him use his talents. She agrees and has his disrobe. The next morning he spotted leaving her chambers by Jorah. Jorah gives Dany some good advice and she decides to send Hizdahr along with Daario to Yunkai to give the slave masters a choice other than dying.

Selyse visits Melisandre. Melisandre assures her that there was no magic involved in her affair with Stannis. Selyse wishes for Shireen to stay behind when they leave, but Melisandre insists she must come with them because the lord of light needs her.

At Eyrie, Sansa builds a replica of her home in the snow, only to have Robin ruin it. She slaps him. As he runs off to tell his mother, Baelish appears. He kisses Sansa as Lysa looks on. Lysa confronts Sansa about it and threatens to throw her out the moon door. Petyr stops her and then pushes his new bride to her death.

Game of Thrones
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Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

Tyrion: You're the golden son. You can kill a king, lose a hand, fuck your own sister, you'll always be the golden son.
Jaime: Careful, I'm the last friend you've got.

Nothing isn't better or worse than anything. Nothing is just nothing.