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Unexpected visitors arrive in Mole's Town on this Game of Thrones episode, while Littlefinger's motives are questioned and Ramsay tries to prove himself to his father.

The Mole's Town brothel is attacked by the wilding army. Ygritte spares the life of Gilly and her baby. At Moat Cailin, Ramsay gives Reek one last pep talk before he sets off to play the part of Theon. He speaks with the forts ailing commander promising them their lives if they turn over their post to the Boltons. When he spits in Theon's face and turns him down, the commander is killed by one of his own men who wants to take the deal. Ramsay and his men do not live up to their promise of mercy and kill all the Iron Born men. Ramsay presents his victory to his father and is given a new name as a reward.

Missandei notices Grey Worm staring at her while they both bathe in the river. She tells Dany about it. Grey Worm appologizes to Missandei for his actions, but she forgives him and asks him what he remembers about his childhood and when his master cut him.

Nobility of the Vale question Petyr about Lysa's apparent suicide. They call on the only other witness Sansa, who Baelish has told them is named Alayne. Sansa tells them who she really is, then proceeds to tell them a version of what happened that protects Petyr. After being cleared of any wrongdoing, Littlefinger suggests it is time for Robin to leave the nest and tour the Vale. Sansa appears, he hair died black.

Barristan Selmy confronts Jorah about a document he received, a royal pardon from Robert Baratheon. He is called before Dany where he confesses to spying on her and her brother when they first met. The attempt on her life she realizes was directly due to the information he was passing on. She casts him out, saying she never wants to see him again. 

Arya and Sandor arrive at the bloody gate and learn about Lysa's death occurring just days earlier. Arya bursts out laughing at the irony of the situation.

Jaime visits Tyrion on the morning of his trial by combat and the two reminisce about a cousin of theirs. At the battle Oberyn gains the upper hand, but when he fails to finish the job, insisting on a confession from The Mountain about the murder of his sister, the tables are turned and he is killed.

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