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Frustrated with chores she doesn't quite understand, Arya demands some answers.

The other girl that serves the Faceless Men shares her own troubled story. Unfortunately, the tale she spun was a complete lie, yet Arya believed her. The young Stark is not proving to be very good at the Game of Faces and Jaqen H'ghar realizes this when he plays it with her.

Still, Arya is a quick learner. When a dying girl enters the temple, she concocts a tale of her own explaining the fountain healed her when she was sick. Of course, we know that fountain is poison and Arya lied to put the girl out of her misery.

Having witnessed this, Jaqen leads Arya into the Hall of Faces. He tells her "A girl is not ready to become No One. But she is ready to become Someone Else."

Elsewhere, Tyrion confesses his crimes to Jorah, slamming his father but praising the former Night's Watch Lord Commander. Tyrion quickly realizes that Jorah was not only unaware his father had passed, but that he had been killed by his own men.

It isn't long before the duo is captured by slavers. Thanks to some quick thinking, Tyrion convinces the men Ser Jorah is a valuable warrior fit for the fighting pits. This will bring them closer to Dany.

At the Water Gardens of Dorne, Prince Doran watches Myrcella and Trystane stroll innocently. The young couple is unaware the Sand Snakes are plotting against them, but the prince vows to protect them.

Suddenly, Jaime and Bronn (in disguise) surprise the couple. Myrcella refuses to leave Trystane's side and the boy makes a move for his sword but Bronn knocks him out. To make matters worse, the Sand Snakes attack attempting to capture Myrcella. A battle breaks out, but it doesn't last long as Prince Doran's bodyguard Areo Hotah stops it. Everyone is taken away, including mastermind Ellaria Sand. What action will the prince take?

Lady Olenna confronts Cersei about her grandson's arrest. However, the Queen Mother lies assuring her this trivial matter would be taken care of quickly. Surprisingly, Lady Olenna takes Cersei at her word. Which she will soon come to regret.

At the trial, Loras denies his relationship with Renly and all of the charges against him. Margaery testifies, declaring her brother innocent of all wrongdoing. Unfortunately, Loras' lover Olyvar is brought in and confesses the two had been intimate. Having lied under oath, both Loras and Margaery are arrested in order to prepare a formal trial. Young King Tommen watches helplessly as his Queen is taken away.

Myranda, Ramsay's lover, threatens Sansa while preparing her for her wedding."I am Sansa Stark of Winterfell. This is my home" she tells the woman demonstrating a show of strength.

Sadly, after she is married to Ramsay Bolton, the monster rapes Sansa in their chambers while Reek is forced to watch. Poor Sansa's nightmare is just beginning. Will Theon/Reek attempt to help her at some point? Can he find the strength to go against his cruel master?

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Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 6 Quotes

The High Septon has called for an inquest, not a trial. Just a small hearing to determine whether the charges against Loras have merit. Which I'm sure they don't. Loras will be freed, our happy alliance will continue. And we'll forget this unfortunate conversation ever happened.


A girl is not ready to become No One. But she is ready to become Someone Else.

Jaqen H'ghar