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The attack by the Sons of the Harpy, claimed Ser Barristan's life and left Grey Worm wounded.

Missandei visits him, and Grey Worm confesses he was afraid he would never see her again. Very interesting for an Unsullied right? She rewards the man with a kiss.

Fueled by her anger at the loss of Ser Barristan, Dany rounds up the heads of the great families and takes them to meet Rhaegal and Viserion. Dany cruelly makes an example of one of the men by allowing her dragons to feed on him. She then threatens to do the same to Hizdahr, but ultimately she spares him demanding the two marry. The fighting pits will reopen as well.

At Castle Black, Jon Snow asks Maester Aemon about a decision he needs to make. "Kill the boy," Aemon tells him, encouraging any decision the new Lord Commander makes will be the correct one. Jon then meets with Tormund and the two agree if the wildlings help fight the White Walkers, they will be given lands and live at peace with the crows. Tormund likes the sound of this, but insists Jon must travel with him to Hardhome and convey his message personally.

Needless to say, Jon's brothers are not thrilled with this plan and only Sam had his back. Stannis questions Sam about the White Walker he's said to have killed. Sam proudly tells Stannis he used a dragonglass dagger to dispatch the creature.

The next morning, Stannis and his army march toward Winterfell. Will his forces take Winterfell and do away with the Boltons once and for all?

Speaking of Winterfell, Brienne has been biding her time waiting for the right moment to reach out to Sansa. She delivers a message via the old lady that told Sansa "the North remembers" when she first arrived. By lighting a candle in the highest tower, Brienne will come to her aid.

At dinner, Ramsay behaves as obnoxiously as ever mocking Theon/Reek and talking of Bran and Rickon Stark's murder at his hands. He then announces that Reek will give the bride away at he and Sansa's wedding. Feeling quite proud of his vulgar display, his father wipes the smirk from his face announcing he and Walda are expecting. This news brings a smile to Sansa's face.

Feeling like second fiddle, Ramsay questions Roose whether or not he will still be his heir. His father promises nothing will change if Walda bears a son. Accepting his father's words, Ramsay swears they will defeat Stannis when he arrives in Winterfell.

As Jorah sails through Valyria, we learn about "the Doom" or the end of civilization there. Tyrion catches sight of Drogon in the air and is awestruck. The two are so close to Daenerys and Meereen now. How will she react upon seeing them?

Unfortunately, several Stone Men attack their little boat. Jorah fights them off, but Tyrion falls overboard during the struggle. Jorah eventually saves Tyrion, and they make their way to shore.

While Tyrion catches his breath, Jorah walks away realizing he's been infected with greyscale.

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Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 5 Quotes

Sansa: This isn't a strange place, this is my home. It's the people who are strange.
Ramsay: You're right, very strange.

You will find little joy in your command, but with luck you will the strength to do what needs to be done. Kill the boy Jon Snow. Winter is almost upon us. Kill the boy, and let the man be born.

Maester Aemon