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Part I ...

Ric has the gardener tell the court that he didn't go to the police because he was afraid of what Jason might do to him. During a recess, Ric assures Mayor Floyd that his surprise witness' testimony will stand up.

Pointing out a hole in the man's testimony, Jason advises Diane that he would never use his own car to transfer a dead body and hints that Ric told Mancini everything to say on the stand. He then leaks that Mancini is out to get him because he killed his brother.

Part II ...

Meanwhile, as Jerry smugly states that they must sit back and wait for his efforts to have their affect, Carly accuses Jerry of doing this just to try to get closer to her but he asks her to trust him.

A scheming Sam tells Lucky (Greg Vaughan) that she blames herself for Jason and Elizabeth sleeping together but Lucky assures her that Elizabeth should have told him after it happened. Later, while Nikolas warns Lucky about Sam's interest in him, Alexis urges Sam not to do something she might regret later.

Part III ...

Sonny asks Spinelli what he intends to say on the stand and instructs him how to act, insisting he not refer to Jason as "Stone Cold." Spinelli admits that Carly asked him to look into Alcazar's South American holdings and then confirms Sonny's guess that Carly went with Jerry. Spinelli warns Jason and Diane about Carly's trip to Venezuela.

Bringing him daisies to give to Lulu, Maxie orders Logan to take her to bed tonight. Logan insists he won't be hurried. Spinelli is upset when Lulu confides that she is ready to sleep with Logan. Coop catches Logan and Maxie kissing. Finding Kate packing, Sonny calls her a coward.

As she opens the door and asks him to leave, Mac is there and announces she's under arrest. And so it continues ...

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