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Part 1: Admitting she hears bells when he kisses her, Lulu explains to Logan that they're alarm bells and apologizes for leading him on. He insists that he's not as bad a guy as everyone claims he is and assures her he can wait until the time is right for them to have sex. Later, Maxie (Kirsten Storms) orders Logan to hurry up his seduction of Lulu. Confronting Skye outside the courtroom, Sonny guesses Ric offered her a deal and suggests she play ball with him because Ric's just going to stab her in the back. Realizing he's probably right, Skye returns to the stand and tries to put Jason back into a better light.

Part 2: Ric puts the gardener on the stand and Mr. Mancini testifies that he saw Jason put Alcazar's dead body in the back of an SUV. Taking her baby back from Sam, Elizabeth confirms that she was on the stand again to help Lucky. She orders Sam to get out. After the banker believes he's talking to Alcazar on Jerry's phone, Carly grabs the device and later, blasts Jerry for scheming with Alcazar while Jason is in jail. Jerry reveals that the voice belonged to a man in "covert ops" but adds that the ploy won't work to directly help Jason. Epiphany resents it when Kate starts ordering her orderly to run errands for her while she's in the hospital.

Part 3: Boasting of her job as editor of the top fashion magazine, Epiphany calls it a "rag" and complains about the fashion industry and what it does to women. Sonny interrupts and announces he's here to take her home. He accuses her of being afraid to allow people to see the real person he knows and when he kisses her, Kate stops him and runs out. Max warns Sonny that Carly disappeared the same day Jerry did.

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