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As the episode begins, Spinelli is badly shaken after Lulu admits how connected she feels to Logan now. Meanwhile, Coop walks in on a passionate clinch between Logan and Maxie (Kirsten Storms).

Mac places a sputtering Kate under arrest for reckless driving and a hit-and-run. Carly and Jerry return to Port Charles just in time to sit in on the end of Jason's trial.

Though Maxie frantically attempts to paint herself as an innocent victim, Coop storms out of Logan's place in a fury. Spinelli begs an irked Lulu not to lower herself by becoming intimate with an unworthy one. Sam complains to Lucky about the way his wife has been trashing her all over town.

Elizabeth tells Nikolas she intends to fight for her marriage. Sonny watches helplessly as Kate is forced to do a perp walk in front of a ravenous mob of reporters. Later, at the precinct house, Kate confesses to Sonny that she did indeed sideswipe a police car.

Spinelli is intrigued to overhear Maxie and Coop arguing. Overruling Ric's objections, the judge decides to allow Diane the chance to present new evidence about Alcazar being alive. Lulu angrily accuses Spinelli of lying after he relates what he's learned about Logan's liplock with Maxie.

Finally, Nikolas suggests to a bristling Sam that she's plotting to take revenge by sinking her claws into his brother

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