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Spinelli gives Jason a lead on the goons who threatened Elizabeth and her children. Kate is startled to find an old flame waiting for her in her hotel room. Sonny icily advises Elizabeth to respect Jason's decision and keep her distance. Lucky asks Sam if she's plotting revenge against her former lover.


After a freak accident bruises Noah's vocal cords, Anna turns in desperation to Plan B.

Nikolas (Tyler Christopher) and Emily continue to enjoy celebrating their reconciliation. Sam paints herself as a victim to earn Lucky's sympathy. Anna rushes to the hospital with Robin to obtain a temporary release for Eli. Trevor suggests to Kate that she still could use a little of his assistance.


Maxie again cautions Sam that things will get ugly fast if Jason ever learns what she's done. With the sold-out crowd growing impatient for the concert to begin, Patrick takes the stage to make a pitch for LifeBeat and AIDS research. Jason warns Sonny that his brother will be sleeping with the fishes if it turns out that Ric hired the thugs who menaced Elizabeth.


Trevor reveals to Kate his surprising connection to Port Charles' district attorney. Noah nervously heads on stage with his guitar as a wheelchair-bound Eli prepares to sing from the wings. Nikolas conceals some business difficulties from Emily. Trevor promises Kate he's going to put a stop to his son's harassment of her.

Lucky agrees to moonlight as Sam's bodyguard.

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