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An audio glitch puts Noah's charade in jeopardy until Anna provides a timely distraction for the excited crowd. Spinelli and Jason go on the trail of the men who threatened Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst). Max gives Sonny a heads-up about a mob attorney paying a call on Kate.


Carly (Laura Wright) vows to make Irina pay for hurting Jax, then seethes to learn how her husband was forced to repeatedly have sex with his captor. Sonny warns Ric that a dangerous, drug-dealing gangster is looking to gain a foothold in Port Charles. Sam explains to Elizabeth how she's hired Lucky to be her bodyguard. With the technical problems solved, Noah lip syncs on stage as Eli belts out one of his hits from the wings.


Carly's jaw drops when Jerry offers to double-cross his brother and sister-in-law and strike a new deal with Irina. Pumped by his big night, Noah happily accepts congratulations from Eli and Anna as well as Patrick and Robin. Kate tells Sonny she's only just learned that Trevor is Ric's father.

An intrigued Maxie watches Lucky and Elizabeth quarreling at the hospital.


Robin confides to Anna how she had a recent pregnancy scare, then admits that she would in fact like to have a baby one day. An enraged Jason confronts the goons and beats a confession out of them. Noah encourages his son to live life to the fullest. Anna receives a new assignment overseas and reluctantly says farewell to Robin. Trevor and Sonny come face to face for the first time in many years.

Lucky pulls Sam into a kiss

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