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PART ONE: Ric comes face to face with his father at the Metro Court's bar. As they fly back to Port Charles, Jax admits to Carly that he did have sex with Irina several times. Sam (Kelly Monaco) finds Jason waiting for her when she returns home. Sonny explains to Kate why Trevor has hated him ever since he was just six years old.

PART TWO: Trevor reminds Ric how he's always been a huge disappointment as a son and a human being. Amelia warns Lucky that Sam is not to be trusted. Meanwhile, an enraged Jason threatens to kill Sam if she ever goes near Elizabeth or her kids again. Insisting that Irina forced him to perform, Jax defends his actions to his bristling wife but Carly finds his story difficult to swallow.

PART THREE: Sonny gives Kate some insight into the true nature of her old flame's legal practice. Ric sees red when Trevor gleefully promises to rob him of Molly unless he drops all the charges against Kate. Amelia suggests to Jason (Steve Burton) that Elizabeth will soon need a shoulder to cry on once her husband falls into bed with the dreaded Sam.

With another mob war brewing, Sonny issues new instructions to Diane. Claiming she's simply too tired for sex, Kate gently rebuffs Trevor's advances

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