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Sam admits to Lucky that she's known since a day or so after the fact that Elizabeth and Jason slept together and that they asked her not to tell anyone. Visiting Jason, Elizabeth admits that she doesn't know if Lucky is going to forgive her for living the lie for a year.


She returns home and orders Sam to get out. Lucky points out that at least Sam was telling him the truth. He storms out when he guesses correctly that she was with Jason. Diane warns Jason about the trouble Elizabeth faces for lying on the stand and urges him to take the plea bargain. He refuses. Anna's upset when Patrick and Robin interrupt her time alone with Noah. Patrick advises his father of his concern for his sobriety.


Noah assures his son that his relationship with Anna isn't going to go anywhere. Robin tells her mother that she wants to be with Eli Love, not Noah but Anna insists that she knows what she is doing. Robin warns Anna that if she keeps this up, other people will be hurt.


Later, while Patrick and Robin come to the conclusion that they overreacted and have been too hard on their parents, Anna sends Noah away.

Sonny (Maurice Benard) calls for an ambulance after Kate collapses. At the hospital Leo finally figures out that while she was in the fountain rescuing Sonny's son, she was bitten by a deadly snake. Sonny confides in Epiphany how he tried to teach her how to swim years ago at Coney Island.


When a gunman bursts into their hotel suite, Jerry pulls Carly to the floor and then overcomes the thug and kills him. Carly insists on calling the police and then uses the opportunity to tell the police captain that she thinks the assassin was sent by Lorenzo, her ex-husband.

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