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Part One

Monica, Alice and Edward surprise Lulu with a birthday muffin in honor of her natal day. Claiming she's not really into celebrating her birthday, Lulu admits that she s disappointed her father hasn't returned.

Monica and Edward ask if she knows if Jason is the father of Elizabeth's baby. Lulu claims Elizabeth never told her Jason is Jake's father. Noah advises Patrick and Robin that Anna ended things last night.

Part Two

He yells at her for interfering and points out that he and Anna are adults capable of making decisions. Robin apologizes but Noah accuses her of getting what she wanted. Later, Noah has another drink. Patrick asks him to scrub in for an operation but he assures his son that he can handle it.

Part Three

Called back to see him, Sam confirms to Lucky that she did break up with Jason because he slept with Elizabeth. As the trial gets underway again, Diane uses Elizabeth to make the jury think that Ric is prosecuting Jason for revenge against his brother.

Skye (Robin Christopher) is called to the stand next and she confirms that Alcazar had the house wired so that he could record every conversation.

Part Four

Diane forces her to admit she has no proof that Alcazar is dead.

However, Ric gets her to state that she doesn't think Alcazar would abandon his daughter if he were alive. Ric then plays the audio tape of Alcazar's shooting. Elizabeth returns home and finds Sam with Lucky and the kids. Logan tells an amused Tracy and Alan that he wants to date Lulu.

The Conclusion

Lulu interrupts, Tracy tries to make Logan look bad, and Lulu sees through her plan. When he gives her a charm bracelet for her birthday, she thanks him with a kiss. Jerry tries to convince a Caracas bank manager that Alcazar has okayed the transfer of all of his money.

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