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On New Year's, a lonely Nikolas (Tyler Christopher) hopes for another visit from his late fiancee. Elizabeth looks forward to spending a romantic evening with Jason at their secret hideaway. In Manhattan, Sonny suspects that Kate is ashamed to show him off in front of her snooty friends.

Carly's (Laura Wright) plans to celebrate with her hubby get detoured when Jax (Ingo Rademacher) gets the flu just before their party begins at the Metro Court. Emily returns to console Nikolas as he faces the prospect of starting the new year alone. Sonny convinces Kate to take him to a gallery opening ...

Epiphany's foul mood permeates the air at the nurses' station. Carly warns Jerry not to even consider crashing the bash. Later, Carly's curiosity is piqued when she overhears her brother-in-law conducting a secretive phone conversation in French. Epiphany finally confides to Elizabeth how upset she about her son...

Patrick changes plans for New Year's after Robin asks for help with a patient. Sonny finds little to appreciate at the art gallery but his presence soon attracts the attention of the local constabulary. Robin's spirits sink even lower after her patient dies on the operating table.

General Hospital
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