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Tracy calls for help after finding her husband in cardiac distress. Luke finds himself in purgatory, standing trial in front of a familiar looking judge and jury. Using her influence and social contacts, Kate manages to track Sonny down in the bowels of the Manhattan judicial system.

Epiphany fears the worst after the line goes dead during a call from Stan. Ric shows Alexis a trust he's drawn up for Molly, then offers to babysit both girls while their mom goes out of town for the awards banquet. Luke looks on as a series of witnesses take the stand to testify.

Jason and Spinelli bring Epiphany news about her son's accident in Florida. Kate effortlessly pulls some strings to earn Sonny's release from custody. Ric and Skye share a tender moment. After Leo stabilizes Luke, Tracy tells Lucky and Lulu why their father suffered another setback.

General Hospital
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