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Today on General Hospital, Nikolas (Tyler Christopher) finds out that he's going to have an appointment with a specialist to get a proper diagnosis.

Elizabeth tells Jason that she wishes they could be together but clearly, given all that has taken place, that can't happen now. He leaves her standing in the barn.

Johnny refuses to team up with Sonny or see things his way. Patrick asks Leyla out to dinner and she sarcastically asks him if he's serious.

Lucky offers to let Sam spend time with his kids and she is uncomfortable with the idea. Elizabeth runs into Kate and tells her to get rid of Sonny - before it's too late.

Leyla and Nadine head to the bar together and find out that it's amateur table dance night. Holla! Meanwhile, Robin is very distracted at work.

Spinelli flips out when he finds out that Jason has decided to stay out of Jake's life. Robin and Elizabeth decide they need a girl's night out.

Kate returns home to find Sonny in it and she tells him to get out. Leyla throws back the vodka while Nadine tries to get her to slow down.

Nikolas can't figure out why Emily (Natalia Livingston) is everywhere that he is and seems so real. Sam (Kelly Monaco) tells Alexis she may not be spending Christmas with her family. She may opt for Lucky's instead.

Sonny talks his way into getting Kate to forgive him for being controlling over her to protect her in the past. Alexis is less than thrilled to see Sam getting close to Lucky.

Robin, Kelly, Elizabeth, and Lainey show up at the bar ... to find Leyla, drunk, dancing on top of a pool table.

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