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Patrick goes looking for Robin at the hospital but Epiphany tells him that many of the women have taken off for the night. The girls stand in shock as Leyla dances on a table and calls for Robin to join her.

Lucky tells Jason to keep his distance from his family.

Jerry invites Alexis over to ask her on a date
. The girls talk Leyla down off the table and she immediately goes for more drinks. Spinelli gets the feeling that Lulu is becoming increasingly more upset over the fact that Johnny is now Sonny and Jason's enemy. Detective Harper shows up to question Jason about Emily's murder and says he deliberately lied about how she died.

Leo tells Patrick to keep his distance from the women in his life and the two men decide to head out for drinks. Nadine and Lainey (Kent King) finally convince Leyla to leave the bar and call it a night.

Detective Harper asks Jason if he believes anyone else would have been after Emily besides Anthony and says he knows about the text messages.

Jason goes to Johnny to try to come to an understanding with him.

Scott finds Logan to tell him Mac is looking for new cops who were also war veterans. Logan laughs at the idea of becoming a cop. Robin and her friends toast, drink, and get pretty tipsy with each other while discussing their relationship woes.

Everyone is laughing and joking until Elizabeth mentions that she lost the man she loves and her best friend within a week of each other. That kills the mood awful quick.

Jerry brings Leyla into his room and they start making out, but she promptly hurls. When Patrick and Leo show up at the bar, Elizabeth tells Patrick off. Alexis arrives at Jerry's to find Leyla sitting on his bed in just a robe.

Johnny tells Jason (Steve Burton) that if he comes to kill him, he'll make sure to get him. Harper and Lucky arrive at the Zacchara house looking for alibis for Johnny, the night of Leticia's murder and Emily's murder.

General Hospital
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